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Everything you need to manage your…
When it comes to state pharmaceutical licenses, you need a partner who understands the industry’s nuances and has your best interests at heart. State Licensing Service, Inc. (SLS) is that partner. We help you obtain and maintain state licenses for your company and its facilities, allowing you to focus on the business at hand.
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For more than 15 years, SLS has worked with pharmaceutical companies of all sizes to ensure compliance with all state licensing requirements. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions and offer guidance regarding any licensing needs.
License Servicing
We provide multi-state license servicing for the pharmaceutical industry
State License Servicing will service your existing license portfolio or completely license a new facility. We do everything required to make sure your facilities are able to ship according to your individual distribution supply model and product line. Our unsurpassed platform provides 24/7 secure online access to your license portfolio. The web-enabled database will let you know exactly where we are in the application, renewal process and when you can ship. Our services include compliance updates, bill tracking, and a searchable database of all state law pertaining to drug distribution and pharmacy law.
All for a low quarterly fee with no ad hoc billing practices common with other service providers.
License Verifications
Everything you need to manage your "ship-to" requirements
We enable Life Sciences companies to achieve the license validation requirements for DSCSA/DQSA and VAWD authentication compliance. In order to tighten the country's drug supply and prevent counterfeiting, The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA / DSCSA), requires that all trading partners be authenticated with the proper licensure for distribution activities. The law includes facilities from which you receive products, those to whom you are passing title, and the facility to which you are shipping. In addition, all wholesalers and 3PLs must be registered with the FDA.
Fewer Hold Orders! We do the heavy lifting
Drug Price Transparency
Reporting, reporting, and more reporting !!
The majority of US states have passed—or are in the process of passing—new regulations designed to limit drug costs by requiring reporting on drug prices and drug price increases. States have determined that it’s in their interest to take legislative action in order to curb drug price increases in a concerted effort to decrease their yearly pharmaceutical costs. This legislative push has largely been in response to the industry trend of increasing Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) prices and the inability of drug pricing legislation to be passed at the federal level. Drug Price Transparency reporting is now required by manufacturers, wholesalers, insurance carriers and pharmacy benefit managers in many states.
What does State DPT services include?
Puerto Rico Product Registrations
Certified Representative Agent in Puerto Rico
Unlike the mainland states, Puerto Rico has unique requirements when marketing or selling pharmaceutical products in that each prescription and OTC product must be registered with the central government of Puerto Rico by a licensed local representative agent of the manufacturer. Please call today and we will send you a proposal for services outlining costs and fees
What does State License Servicing’s Product Registration services include?

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